Slap a Smile On With This Sweet, Candy-Like Bud

Pink Runtz Strain

Pink Runtz Strain

This evenly balanced hybrid has earned a glowing reputation for its tingly, mood-elevating, and socially lubricating effects that’ll leave you feeling joyful and totally at ease.

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Pink Runtz Strain is a

50/50 indica-sativa hybrid

After Pink Runtz elevates your mood and lifts your mind into the stratosphere, you’ll feel a creeping, tingly sensation spread throughout your physical form.

- Super happy - Social - Hungry


- Stress - Depression - Loss of appetite

Helps With

- Headache - Mild paranoia - Mild dizzine


Pairs With Music

James Brown — “Get Up Offa That Thing”

Bloodhound Gang — “The Bad Touch”

Steve Miller Band — “Fly Like an Eagle”

Pairs With Food

Sour gummy worm

Sweet and sour chicken


Pairs With Spirits


Tom Collin


Where The Pink Runtz Strain Is Grown

Pink Runtz Strain Summary

If you like sweet, fruity weed and wanna boost your mood without getting too stimulated or sedated, the evenly balanced Pink Runtz strain won’t disappoint.

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