Chill Out With This Tasty Treat

OG Cookies Strain

OG Cookies Strain

It boasts a sweet, pungent, earthy flavor and a dreamy, physically soothing high that’ll elevate your mood sky high.

Try this hybrid

OG Cookies Strain is an

50% indica and 50% sativa

This leisure-time-appropriate strain delivers a delightfully soothing body buzz and can quickly make a sour mental state much sweeter.

- Euphoric - Happy - Physically soothed - Sleepy


- Depression - Stress - Anxiety - Pain

Helps With

- Dry eyes - Dry mouth - Mild headache


Pairs With Music

Biig Piig — “Sunny”

Arc De Soleil — “Caught in Amsterdam”

Marcus Mumford — “Better off High”

Pairs With Food

Your favorite cookie

Breakfast goodie


Pairs With Spirits


Espresso martini

Milk punch

Where The OG Cookie Strain Is Grown

OG Cookie Strain Summary

OG Cookies is suitable for both long-time tokers and rookies, so if you need a sweet, soothing, end-of-day treat, give this strain a try.

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