MTF Strain

MTF Strain

A Marvelous Mashup of Magnificent Landrace Strains

An even hybrid with calming yet stimulating effects for most users

Balanced Punch

MTF Strain 

Dual Effect

Balancing euphoria and relaxation with its dual nature

- Euphoric - Relaxed - Creative - Happy


- Stress - Depression - Pain - Lack of appetite

Helps With

- Dry eyes - Dry mouth - Dizziness - Paranoia


Pairs With Music

Franc Moody — “Move Me”

Nightmares on Wax — “So Here We Are”

Jadu Heart — “I’m a Kid”

Pairs With Food

Baked Alaska

Scalloped potatoes

Nutty chocolate chip cookies

Pairs With Spirits


Matanuska Moose

Brandy or Cognac

Where The MTF Strain Is Grown

MTF Strain Summary

MTF might become your new BFF if you’re looking for an afternoon- or early-evening-appropriate, balanced strain that’ll leave you feeling mentally stimulated, physically soothed, and downright spectacular.

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