Keep It Cool and Fun

Koolato Strain

perfect balance of indica-sativa effects, striking appearance in buds.

 Balanced American Strain

Koolato is a 

great strain

for soothing anxiety and dealing with pain without excessive sleepiness.

- Boosts focus - Pain relief - Relaxation


- Chronic pain - Anxiety - Depression - Lack of motivation - Fatigue - Stress

Helps With

- Dry eyes - Headache - Paranoia


Pairs With Music

Moderat — “A New Error”

Gorillaz — “New Gold”

Van Halen — “Jump”

Pairs With Food

Lavender cupcakes 

Coffee ice cream 

Grilled cheese with chorizo

Pairs With Spirits

Sherbet punch

American lager


Where The Koolato Strain Is Grown

Koolato Strain Summary

When you’re ready to learn how to roll a blunt, pick up Koolato or a similar strain like Jet Fuel to make sure you feel every puff.

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