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Gummy Bears Strain

Gummy Bear Strain

It is packed with the flavor of fresh berries and sweet lemonade.

Try this cannabis  strain

Gummy Bear Strain is a


It is relaxing but not too soporific for most people. It’s a great choice for pairing with your favorite cocktails.

- Sleepine - Relaxation - Whole Body Tingling


- Stress - Anxiety - Cramping

Helps With

- Headache - Dizzine - Dry Mouth


Pairs With Music

Lolo Zouaï – “Gummy Bear”

XG – “New Dance”

Omarion – “Ice Box”

Pairs With Food

Cannabis-infused gelatin bites

Chili cheese tater tot

Steak Flauta

Pairs With Spirits

Gummy Bear martini

Lemon-flavored IPA beer

Gummy Bear shot

The History of Gummy Bears Strain

If you’re still learning how to roll a blunt, you may never have heard of the parent strains of Gummy Bears. Trueberry makes up one side of its heritage, while the Big Lemon strain is the other parent.

Gummy Bear Strain Summary

Fans of Lemon Cookies and other sour-sweet strains will love Gummy Bears. Put this candy-flavored strain at the top of your list to try next.

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