Grape God Strain

Grape God Strain

A Heavenly High

Indica-dominant hybrid, relaxes mind and body, ideal for winding down.

Peaceful High

Grape God Strain

Moderate Indica

Balanced indica strain, offers gentle, relaxing effects without overwhelming potency.

- Happy - Relaxed - Sleepy


- Stress - Depression - Pain

Helps With

- Dry Eyes - Dry Mouth - Dizziness


Pairs With Music

The Cure — “Just Like Heaven”

The Temper Trap — “Sweet Disposition”

UMI, Yeek — “Lullaby”

Pairs With Food


Cotton candy grapes

Roasted grapes with balsamic & thyme on brie crostini

Pairs With Spirits


Your favorite wine

Grape, rosemary, & gin crush

Where the Grape God Strain Is Grown

Grape God Summary

If you’re on the hunt for a strain that’ll help you gently wind down your day, you’ll get what you’re looking for with a few tokes of the Grape God strain.

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