Fruity & Fabulously Uplifting

Goji OG Strain

help elevate your mood, enhance focus, calm anxiety, and alleviate stress 

Fruity Sativa Hybrid

Goji OG

Strain Overview

offers mood enhancement, focus, and therapeutic benefits

- Happy - Energetic - Physically soothed


- Depression - Stress - Pain

Helps With

- Dry mouth - Dry eyes - Anxiety


Pairs With Music

Franc Moody — “Dopamine”

Maribou State, Khruangbin — “Feel Good” 

Florence + The Machine — “Leave My Body”

Pairs With Food

Goji berries 

Fruit smoothie 

Your favorite granola

Pairs With Spirits


Goji berry-infused vodka

Crystal Beach

Where The Goji OG Strain Is Grown

Goji OG Strain Summary

Goji OG is a great option when you need some strong, fruity weed that’ll elevate your spirits, lock in your focus, and alleviate pain.

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