Fortune Cookies Strain

Fortune Cookies Strain

It’ll Destin Ya for a Good Time

Energizing, creative, relaxing hybrid for a delightful experience.

Delightful Experience

Fortune Cookies

Balanced Hybrid

Balanced hybrid, potent effects with relaxation and mental stimulation.

- Happy - Creative - Focused


- Stress - Depression - Pain

Helps With

- Dry Mouth - Dry Eyes - Paranoia


Pairs With Music

Russ — “Manifest

Bearcubs — Fortune Cookie

Creedence Clearwater Revival — “Fortunate Son

Pairs With Food

Kung pao chicken


Fortune cookies

Pairs With Spirits

Fortune cookie

Espresso martini

Orange blossom

Where the Fortune Cookies Strain Is Grown

Fortune Cookies Summary

Fortune Cookies is well worth a try if you’re looking for some daytime bud that’ll get your mind moving and shaking as it loosens up your physical form.

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