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Cookie Dawg Strain

Cookie Dawg Strain

Cookie Dawg is a sweet and slightly nutty cannabis strain that also has an intriguing chemical scent due to the popular strain Chemdawg being part of its heritage.

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Cookie Dawg is an


The combination of savory and sweet notes makes it a good choice for edible recipes where you need a mix of flavors, such as a cannabis-infused snack mix.

- Hunger boosting - Sleep inducing - Giggling


- Depression  - Anxiety - Stress  

Helps With

- Dizzine - Dry Mouth - Dry Eye 


Pairs With Music

Aretha Franklin – “I Say a Little Prayer”

Rejjie Snow – “Cookie Chips”

Imagine Dragons – “Thunder”

Pairs With Food

Vanilla caramel-filled cupcake

Green smoothie

Spicy chickpea stew

Pairs With Spirits

The Salty Dog cocktail

Oloroso sherry

Vanilla bean aged stout beer

The History of Cookie Dawg Strain

Relaxing enough to pair with shrooms, Cookie Dawg came from a cross between Chemdawg and the legendary Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Cookie Dawg Strain Summary

Make this your next marijuana strain to sample if you love relaxing effects and need a boost in appetite. The munchies will give way to a fulfilling nap when you end your day with Cookie Dawg.

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