Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Balanced effects, euphoric uplift, deep relaxation, popular sweet flavor.

Balanced Indica

Birthday Cake

Nighttime Relief

Balances euphoria and relaxation, ideal for stress, pain, and insomnia relief.

- Happy - Relaxed - Euphoric


- Stress - Anxiety - Depression

Helps With

- Cottonmouth - Dry eyes - Slight Dizziness


Pairs With Music

Glass Animals - Waterfalls Coming Out Your Mouth

Kupla - Owls of the Night

Xavier Omär - Blind Man

Pairs With Food

Birthday cake 

Korean beef bowls 

Tortilla chips and guac 

Pairs With Spirits

Old Fashioned

Tom Collins

Brandy Alexander

Where Birthday Cake Is Grown

Strain Summary

With its superb genetics and excellent balance of uplifting, euphoric, creative, relaxing, and sedating effects, the Birthday Cake strain is truly unique.

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