Biochem Strain

Biochem Strain

Sink Down with a Weighty High

Indica strain Biochem induces relaxation, eases pain, and promotes sleep.

Relaxing Body Indica

Biochem is a

Edible-Friendly Indica

Ideal for evening use, Biochem's high THC content can lead to test failure.

- Increase in appetite - Sleepiness - Full body tingling


- Chronic Pain - Stress - Chronic Fatigue

Helps With

- Dry Eyes - Dry Mouth - Headaches


Pairs With Music

The Drums – “Money”

Little Dragon – “Ritual Union”

Coldplay – “Strawberry Swing

Pairs With Food

Garlic mashed potatoes 

Mushroom jerky 

Mochi ice cream 

Pairs With Spirits


Grenache wine 

Cocktail in an ice sphere

The History of Biochem Strain

The breeders behind this award-winning marijuana strain combined the popular Chemdawg and rare Sensi Star strains to create Biochem.

Biochem Strain Summary

Even if you’re still a beginner just learning how to roll a blunt, Biochem should be part of your rotation. Keep it on hand for those nights when stress interrupts your relaxation or sleep.

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