Savory Sedation

Banjo Strain

Banjo Strain

Savory hybrid with tangerine hints, perfect for serious relaxation.

Savory Relaxation

Banjo Strain is a

cannabis strain 

Ideal for stress and pain relief, may test positive on THC drug tests

- Mood Boosting - Body Relaxation - Energizing


- Chronic Pain - Stress - Depression

Helps With

- Paranoia At High Doses - Dry Eyes - Dizziness


Pairs With Music

The Dillards – “Banjo in the Hollow”

Placebo – “Every You, Every Me”

John Denver – “Sunshine on My Shoulders”

Pairs With Food

Salad with blue cheese dressing 

Dark chocolate 

Castelvetrano olives

Pairs With Spirits

Mild IPA 

Silver rum 

The Banjo cocktail

The History of Banjo Strain

Breeders crossed the Tangelo strain with Boost to create this unique strain. It’s not commonly seen as a strain used for CBD products because of its high THC content.

Banjo Strain Summary

Banjo is worth practicing your skills on how to roll a blunt before you give it a try. The savory flavor will shine no matter how you enjoy it.

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