Banana  Split Strain

A Relaxing Treat in a Tropical Package

Banana Split Strain 

Banana Split offers a sweet, daytime-friendly high with tropical flavors akin to Banana Kush

Tropical Relaxation

Banana Split Strain

Variable Potency

THC levels in this strain vary, offering a cerebral high and appetite stimulation

- Mood boosting - Appetite stimulating - Couchlocking


- Chronic fatigue - Inflammation - Stress - Anxiety - Depression

Helps With

- Headaches - Dry eyes - Dry mouth


Pairs With Music

Belle and Sebastian – “Sleep the Clock Around”

The xx – “Say Something Loving”

AC/DC – “Thunderstruck

Pairs With Food

Cannabis-infused popcorn

Banana split cookies

Whole roasted snapper

Pairs With Spirits

Banana daiquiri

Gruner Veltliner wine

Orange creamsicle shot

Where The Banana Split Strain Is Grown

Banana Split Strain Summary

Tackle stress, depression, and more with a mood-boosting strain that will remind you of a fruit smoothie.

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