Banana Milk Strain

Banana Milk Strain

Tropical & Tranquilizing

If you need some weed that’ll get your appetite raring before it gently rocks you to sleep, go ahead and transport yourself to a tropical paradise with this tasty, tranquility-inducing strain.

Try this hybrid

Banana Milk Strain is a

75/25 indica-sativa hybrid

This indica-heavy hybrid delivers a calming and comforting, heavy, body-soothing high. It’ll also bless your brain with a beautifully euphoric mood lift and a sense of stress-free serenity.

- Happy - Calm - Sleepy


- Depression - Stress - Cramp

Helps With

- Dry eyes - Dry mouth - Lightheadedne


Pairs With Music

Jack Johnson — “Banana Pancakes”

Cool Company, Nic Hanson — “Floatin’”

Kavv — “tranqüilo”

Pairs With Food

Warm banana bread with butter

Tropical pizza

Nutella crepes

Pairs With Spirits

Dirty banana



Where The Banana Milk Strain Is Grown

Banana Milk Strain Summary

The Banana Milk strain might be your ideal evening smoke if you need some flower with power that’ll leave you feeling calm, collected, happy, and ready for bed.

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