Banana Kush Strain

This Banana Will Get You Blitzed

Banana  Kush Strain

 Fruity, imaginative high before easing you into sleep

Banana Bliss

Banana Kush Strain

Hybrid Euphoria

Experience a tropical high followed by deep relaxation with Banana Kush

- Relaxed - Happy - Talkative - Creative


- Stress - Anxiety - Pain - Insomnia

Helps With

- Dry mouth - Dry eyes - Dizziness - Headaches


Pairs With Music

Mac Ayres — “Easy”

Berhana — “Golden”

Budtender — “Banana Kush”

Pairs With Food

Banana cream pie

Banana bread

Fried plantains

Pairs With Spirits

Piña colada



Where The the Banana Kush Strain Is Grown

Banana Kush Strain Summary

If you’re looking to bask in a beautifully soothing high that’ll help you happily unwind after a long day, a bowl of Banana Kush may be just the end-of-day dessert you’ve been searching for.

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