Minty and Mind-Bogglingly Potent

Animal Mints Strain

Animal Mints Strain

This remarkably powerful, balanced hybrid can be a bit of a creeper, but it’ll totally blast you away once it sets in.

Try this hybrid

Animal Mints Strain is a 

50/50 indica-sativa hybrid

After just a couple of tokes, you’ll feel your brain awash in a calm, happy buzz that’ll leave you fading in and out of focus.

- Relaxed - Hungry - Sleepy


- Stress - Anxiety - Low appetite

Helps With

- Mild headache - Mild dizziness - Mild paranoia


Pairs With Music

Bugseed — “Crispy Ass”

Electric Light Orchestra — “Mr. Blue Sky”

Ocean Alley — “Yellow Mellow”

Pairs With Food


Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Grilled lamb kabobs with mint pesto

Pairs With Spirits


Mint Julep

South Side

Where The Animal Mints Strain Is Grown

Animal Mints Strain Summary

Animal Mints is definitely worth trying whether you’re looking to soothe yourself to sleep at the end of a long day or just get really stoned.

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