Soar Through Your Day With a Smile

Amnesia Haze Strain

Amnesia Haze Strain

The Amnesia Haze strain won’t impair your memory, but what it will do is put some pep in your step and slap a smile on your face quick-like

Try this hybrid

Amnesia Haze Strain is an 

80/20 sativa-indica hybrid

It’ll lift your spirits sky high, soothe your physical form, imbue you with a moderate dose of energy, arouse your creativity, and spark your social side.

- Energetic - Euphoric - Talkative - Creative


- Depression - Stress - Pain - Fatigue

Helps With

- Dry eyes - Dry mouth Dizziness - Paranoia


Pairs With Music

Tall Black Guy, Masego, Rommel Donald — “Peace and Love”

M83, Susie Q — “In My Mind”

Butch — “Amnesia Haze”

Pairs With Food

Citrus salad with honey-lime dressing

Pan-fried salmon with miso-honey sauce

Supreme pizza

Pairs With Spirits


French 75

Hemingway Daiquiri

Where The Amnesia Haze Strain Is Grown

Amnesia Haze Strain Summary

When you need some herb that’ll help you kick your day off on the right foot or happily power through your afternoon, roll up some Amnesia Haze and blaze.

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