An Otherworldly Treat

Alien Cookies Strain

Alien Cookies Strain

It will leave you feeling blissful, remarkably relaxed, and totally at peace for hours on end. Don’t be surprised if it makes you wanna eat everything in your house, too.

Try this hybrid

Alien Cookies Strain is 

50/50 sativa-indica hybrid

Just a couple of tokes will quickly set your brain alight, and it won’t take long before you feel a beautifully calming buzz gradually flow through your physical form.

- Happy - Talkative - Relaxed - Hungry


- Stress - Depression - Anxiety - Loss of appetite

Helps With

- Dry eyes - Dry mouth Paranoia - Headache


Pairs With Music

Bob Marley & The Wailers — “Sun Is Shining”

Portugal. The Man — “Tidal Wave”

Mac Miller — “Come Back to Earth”

Pairs With Food


Kettle corn

Tortilla chips and queso

Pairs With Spirits

Cognac or brandy


Dublin iced coffee

Where The Alien Cookie Strain Is Grown

Alien Cookies Strain Summary

If you’ve been probing the galaxy for a great-tasting, balanced hybrid that’ll leave you with an otherworldly mind-body stone, put Alien Cookies on your bucket list of buds to try.

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