Afgooey Strain

Afgooey Strain

Melt into a Happy Puddle

Indica hybrid, offers relaxation without inducing complete sedation

Balanced Indica

Afgooey Strain

Potent Relaxation

high THC, starts energetic, ends in a relaxing body high

- Euphoria - Sleepiness - Relaxation


- Insomnia - Chronic pain - Stress - Migraines - Anxiety

Helps With

- Dizziness - Dry eyes - Dry mouth


Pairs With Music

Glass Animals – “Gooey”

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – “Learning to Fly”

Beginners – “Ooey Gooey”

Pairs With Food

Chili cheese fries


Gooey butter cake

Pairs With Spirits

Oravel beer

Goo cocktail

Apple cider sangria

Where The Afgooey Strain Is Grown

Afgooey Strain Summary

Lovers of hybrids like Big Kush should keep an eye out for this well-loved Afghan strain.

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