Afghani Strain

Afghani Strain

Foundational Strain From Afghanistan

Landrace variety adding resilience to various cannabis strains

Original Landrace

Afghani Strain

Indica Origins

mostly indica, renowned for hash-like musky taste from Afghan roots

- Hunger improving - Sleep inducing - Relaxing


- Chronic pain - Stress - Digestive issues - OCD

Helps With

- Dizziness - Sleepiness - Dry eyes - Dry mouth


Pairs With Music

Glowing Embers — “Afghani Hash”

Wood. — “Desert Haze”

SYRE — “Next to Me”

Pairs With Food

Fig and almond cookies

Minted peas

Chicken fried rice

Pairs With Spirits

Milk stout

Desert healer cocktail

Potato vodka

Where The Afghani Strain Strain Is Grown

Afghani Strain Summary

Responsible for the flavors of many unusual strains like Cheese, Afghani is a strain worth trying all on its own to get a classic 1970s smoking experience.

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