ACDC Strain

ACDC Strain

Powerful Pain Relief With Little Intoxication

CBD-rich strain for pain relief without intoxicating effects, ideal for daily medicinal use

Therapeutic Choice

ACDC Strain


low THC, high CBD strain for medicinal purposes, used in various CBD products

- Relaxation - Pain relief - Uplifted mood


- Anxiety - Depression - Chronic pain - Chronic fatigue - Arthritis

Helps With

- Paranoia - Headaches


Pairs With Music

AC/DC – “Hell’s Bells”

The Killers – “Smile Like You Mean It”

SZA – “Snooze”

Pairs With Food

Chicken potstickers

Green curry

Limeade popsicles

Pairs With Spirits


Rock Star cocktail

Raspberry schnapps

Where The ACDC Strain Is Grown

ACDC Strain Summary

Turn to the ACDC strain when you need to stay focused and alert without the intoxicating effects of THC.

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