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Kush Queen is a luxury CBD brand designed with beauty and self-care in mind. Providing a wide range of bath and body products enriched with both CBD and top-grade botanicals, the company was founded by Olivia Alexander to expand products targeting women in particular.

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We are obsessed with the Kush Queen product line and cannot recommend it enough to all of you wellness lovers out there!

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      About Kush Queen

      The CEO entered the marijuana industry at 18 with aspirations of simply learning more, but she soon realized there was a demand for a different kind of CBD company. She already had early success as the founder of The Crystal Cult, a company selling decorated vaporizers and cannabis-themed eyewear. Starting Kush Queen in 2015 seemed like a natural extension of her skills and a great way to bring higher quality CBD bath and body products into the market.

      CBD Wellness Products

      While Kush Queen initially focused on beauty and bath products like CBD-enriched bath bombs and lotions, they also sell a wide variety of CBD tinctures, capsules, and other wellness products, including CBD lube. Demand is the highest for their bath products, with Kush Queen named as the largest seller of CBD bath bombs in the US for 2020.

      The CBD used in this company’s products isn’t just a simple hemp oil that is hard for the skin to absorb. Rather, these extracts are designed to absorb through the pores, thanks to proprietary technology. Their tinctures are far more expensive than most products on the market today, but they back up the price with extensive third-party testing and broad-spectrum extracts for maximum effects. They also blend their CBD extracts with extra-virgin olive oil as a base rather than grapeseed or hemp. Olive oil contains long-chain triglycerides believed to help increase absorption of the CBD itself.

      Unlike many other CBD companies, Kush Queen has topical products for every part of the body, including personal lubricants. Water-based CBD lube has been a life-changing product for people with certain conditions, and this brand produces one of the most highly rated versions of it available today. They’re also well-known for their shower gels and sugar scrubs that may reduce inflammation in the skin by delivering a direct dose of CBD. They even offer a water-based CBD lotion that fully absorbs into the skin rather than staying greasy like oil-based products. Kush Queen is also expanding into Delta 8 THC products as of 2021.

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      Kush Queen Reviews & Reputation

      Kush Queen is a brand that inspires devotion from their fans, with many reviewers stating proudly that they’ll never buy CBD products from any other source. It’s praised for its transparency and extensive testing of the CBD extracts that go into its products. Even the branding and packaging earn compliments from people who are off-put by the aggressive and “bro-style” advertising of other products.

      The brand’s only complaint is about price, which can be higher than other CBD tinctures and bath bombs. However, reviewers do state that they do get noticeable results from the products, which makes them worth the price for many. Read more about their online reviews for yourself.

      Kush Queen HQ

      Kush Queen is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, but its products are sold in dispensaries and CBD retailers throughout the country. With products available in stores from Alaska to Florida, you can easily sample their bath bombs or gummies no matter where you are. The online storefront also ships to all 50 states for people who can’t find a local retailer.

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      Kush Bomb Video

      Get into a relaxation mood with the Kush Queen bath bomb video.

      Kush Queen Brand Frequently Asked Questions

      Do CBD bath bombs from Kush Queen actually work?

      CBD bath bombs work like lotions or creams by delivering a topical dose of CBD. Most CBD bath bombs are made with hemp oil that is hard for the skin to absorb, but Kush Queen bath bombs use a nanoparticle form of CBD that is better absorbed. This increases the chances of you feeling a relaxed or pain-relieving effect from these bath bombs.

      Who owns Kush Queen?

      Kush Queen is owned by Olivia Alexander, a cannabis entrepreneur and former actress.

      Do Kush Queen products contain CBD or THC?

      Most Kush Queen products contain only CBD. Some of their products contain Delta 8 THC instead or along with the CBD, so check the packaging to know what’s in a particular product from this brand.

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