Meet Jamaica's Legendary Herb House

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Born in Jamaica, Kaya is the first medicinal Ganja herb house in the Caribbean. Their holistic, wellness-focused ecosystem was created to teach their visitors about the history of Ganja in Jamaica & show them how it’s grown, while enjoying it in a social setting.


Their locations offer locally grown herbs and straight-from-the-farm extracts line as well as a taste of our world-renowned cuisine and juices at our cafe and tourist-friendly pizza restaurant. Patients can bring their own medical licences from their home country, or you can visit our doctor on the premises. We also offer tours.

Kaya was created to spread knowledge and love for this ancient herb while bringing people together, the way Ganja is supposed to be enjoyed.

Why we love Kaya

We love Kaya because we think their wellness ecosystem elevates the concept of a medical marijuana dispensary. They give their patients the utmost care by ensuring that they have a high quality organic product. They also pair this with an amazing menu of food that taste so good it probably will heal your soul.

They are truly crafts people and you can see that they care about the details, their patients and have real purpose in what they are building.

Kaya's Ethos


It is our duty to spread knowledge about ganja. Every herb has a story and only by sharing these stories are we able to create meaningful experiences.


As proud Jamaicans, we empower local communities and always make an effort to only use Jamaican raw materials, workforce and any kind of technology.


Respect drives every decision we make – from our relationships with our employees to how we treat our community, our herbs, our brand, our products and Nature.


Kaya Ganja Strains

At Kaya they are very passionate about their herbs — from the water they use to the soil they compost and the organic standards they use for their insect pest management. Kaya’s growers have spent years developing their knowledge about the variety of old Ganja strains as well as some our favorite new hybrids. It is very important to us that we maintain some of the old standards of growing while embracing new technology so there is a balance and we never forget about the soul of the plant.

"Kaya is the seed of a new Jamaica."

Kaya Locations

Kaya Herb House has four fantastic locations. Three in Jamaica and one in Uruguay. 

Kaya Herb House – Kingston

Kaya Kingston Directions Hours Website Location Reviews Claim listing Kingston Photo Gallery Previous Next KINGSTON Description KINGSTON Hours ...

Kaya Herb House – Falmouth

Kaya Falmouth Directions Hours Website Location Reviews Claim listing FALMOUTH Kaya Falmouth Photo Gallery Previous Next Falmouth Description ...

Kaya Herb House – St. Ann

Kaya St. Ann Directions Hours Website Location Reviews Claim listing St. Ann Photo Gallery Previous Next St. Ann Description St.Ann Hours ...

Kaya Herb House – Uruguay

Kaya Uruguay Punta Del Este Directions Hours Website Location Reviews Claim listing Uruguay - Punta Del Este Kaya Uruguay Photo Gallery ...

Kaya 's History

Kaya is a historic brand. It is the first legal medical marijuana dispensary in a country synonymous with ganja. Being the first legal dispensary in Jamaica is legendary. Producing award winning strains and extract is heroic. However, having a mission of using ganja to heal people, provide jobs, and growing the countries economy is truly noble. Kaya is truly the seed of a new Jamaica.

Looking to learn more about Kaya? Check out their website: 

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