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Get ready to join the fast-paced cannabis industry with Dutchie, your one-stop technology platform for up-and-coming businesses in the emerging cannabis market. Their comprehensive tools, e-commerce services, payment, and insurance options help you start strong and confidently grow your business. The company makes it easy to give consumers the safe access they need when using cannabis products.

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      About Dutchie

      In 2017, Dutchie planted its roots in Bend, Oregon, with three local dispensary partners. Over the course of just a few years, that family grew to 50 stores and closed on $3M in seed funding from Casa Verda Capital before expanding rapidly yet thoughtfully between 2019-2020 thanks to like-minded investors supporting their world-class team.

      Now they’ve moved on to even bigger things, like processing over $14 billion in annual cannabis sales and solidifying partnerships with 6,000+ dispensaries. Plus, recent acquisitions of Greenbits and LeafLogix mean exciting possibilities for what’s next at Dutchie.

      What We Think About Dutchie

       You’ll get quality and value like no other. We’ve experienced their top-notch services firsthand, so we can safely vouch for them. With an unbeatable selection of products to choose from, they’re the perfect option when it comes to getting what you need without sacrificing anything in terms of quality or cost. Our stamp approval? Highly recommended.

      Dutchie Products or Services

      The brand is a sophisticated e-commerce and point-of-sale software that provides dispensaries with an engaging way to take online orders, streamline inventory management, comply with state law regulations, and facilitate payment processing.

      As the cannabis industry continues its rapid growth trajectory from $17.5 billion in 2020 to over $100 billion by 2030, savvy investors have identified this start-up as a fantastic opportunity for reaping the rewards without investing in actual marijuana companies.

      Currently, 5,000 of the estimated 9k dispensary operations across North America use Dutchie’s products, ranging from just under 500 bucks per month upwards of one thousand clams.

      Dutchie Grow Together

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      Dutchie Online Reviews

      The investors have their sights set on the cannabis industry, which is still in its early stages. In 2020, US sales amounted to around $17.5 billion, a number projected to balloon up to an incredible $100 billion by 2030. That makes Dutchie one of the most enticing ways for folks looking for investment opportunities without going directly into growing, selling, or distributing marijuana plants themselves.

      The brand is blazing a path in the cannabis industry, confidently proclaiming that its e-commerce platform will process up to $12 billion in transactions across the US and Canada this year. But it’s not quite as simple as just processing payments; most transaction types still require cash or its equivalent, given federal legal restrictions on banking services. For now, dispensaries must go through alternate channels like ACH transfers or ATM systems.

      It claims of a massive 41% market share may sound impressive, but not everyone is convinced. According to one anonymous investor who has been part of the industry for years, those numbers are making eyes roll. It would seem that no matter how generously you spin it, these figures don’t tell the whole story.

      Dutchie is taking an unconventional approach to capitalize on its massive capital, selling cheaper software than competitors despite not yet turning a profit.

      Dutchie Video

      Dutchie Software Brand Frequently Asked Questions

      Who owns Dutchie Software?

      Dutchie’s current founder and CEO is Ross Lipson.

      What is Dutchie’s net worth?

      Dutchie has showcased remarkable growth over the past year, reaching an impressive annual revenue of $1.3M.

      How does Dutchie Software work?

      Dutchie software lets you say goodbye to stacks of cash with their new digital payment system, making it easier than ever for dispensaries and customers alike. With Dutchie Pay, you can now buy your favorite marijuana products online for delivery using nothing but a simple ACH bank transfer.

      What is Dutchie point-of-sale (POS)?

      Dutchie POS provides all-inclusive software solutions for both front-of-house and back-office tasks, plus a set of essential hardware. This streamlined system ensures that everything runs smoothly in one unified workflow. Plus, it’s got commercial-grade tech to make life easier for dispensary owners and staff. Easy navigation means minimal training is required so they can focus on other areas as needed.

      How does Dutchie accept payments?

      Dutchie offers PIN debit solutions for dispensaries, making it simple for owners to provide customers with a secure and compliant payment option. Integrating directly with Dutchie POS, their software eliminates the risk of human error while speeding up the checkout process.

      With no more rounding up or unnecessary customer confusion, employees will have exact dollar amounts and increased sales. Stats show that customers who use this method typically spend 20% more per order than those without Dutchie Pay.

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